Joule Assets Europe

is an innovative provider of holistic financing solutions for all types of sustainable energy assets

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Joule Assets Europe

Joule Assets Europe is an innovative provider of holistic financing solutions for all types of sustainable energy assets (SEA) such as demand response, storage, distributed renewables and energy efficiency measures and is devoted to enabling the SEA market around Europe. Joule Assets recognises that the poor assessment of the value of SEA projects and the resulting lack of trust in SEA economic and financial outputs is a significant barrier to a large scale deployment of SEA, particularly for small to medium sized projects. Joule has used an in-house quantification tool in order to assess the value of project investments. It will expand, develop and integrate this tool within the SEAF platform in cooperation with the consortium partners. The company was founded in the US in 2010, and set up office in Brussels in 2014 to bring its expertise to the European market. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Joule Assets Inc., based out of the USA. Joule is particularly active in business development in the Italian and the UK SEA market, but also intensely involved in collecting data on other European target markets.


Key personnel:

Jessica Stromback Chairman of Joule Assets Europe. Ms. Stromback leads the Joule Assets business development operations in Europe. Currently she is leading the Joule participation within Flexiciency, a 19 million EU project, involving EDF, ERDF, SAP, Enel, Endesa, Vattenfall, Verbund and many other partners. She is also Chairman and founder of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a Brussels-based, not-for-profit industry group, which represents the requirements for demand side programs in Europe, such as DR, energy usage feedback and information smart home, building automation, and other programs. The 47 SEDC Members include aggregators, electricity retailers, DSOs, TSOs and technology providers, representing over 150 million European consumers.

Dennis Quinn, COO. As COO, Dennis is responsible for market development, development of web-based customer engagement platform and company sales. Dennis Quinn was a founding member and CEO of Celerity Energy LLC, one of the first demand response companies in the US in 2000 and early on successfully developed one of the largest portfolios of demand response clients in the Western US. Dennis was instrumental in developing early rules of participation for DR in California. His vision to create a fully dispatchable portfolio of resources under a 25 MW long term contract led to one of the first successful third-party-owned non-spin reserve DG/DR resources in the US. Dennis successfully sold Celerity Energy in 2006 to Enernoc. As Vice President of PacifiCorp Development Company, he led development efforts for over $300 million in domestic and international operating power projects.


Mike Gordon, CEO. As CEO, Mike is strategic lead for Joule. He is responsible for conceptualizing and developing products and services. Mike has historically played a central role in founding industries in the energy field and building Energy Reduction Asset Markets through empowering consumers. Mike founded ConsumerPowerline in 2000, generally recognized as the United States’ first demand response aggregator. Specializing in serving end users in deregulated wholesale electricity markets, ConsumerPowerline (later “CPower”) built 1000 MWs of demand response internationally, and until its sale to Constellation Energy Group (NYS:CEG), CPower remained the largest provider of short notice demand response in the world.