About us

The SEAF consortium is composed of five partners from four European countries and one key subcontractor.

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About us

The SEAF consortium is composed of five partners from four European countries and one key subcontractor, pooling together key expertise and competences in sustainable energy assets, electrical and environmental engineering, risk assessment and insurance for energy efficiency, and software development, in order to successfully design and deploy the SEAF software platform across the ten target Member States.

Joule Assets Europe

is an innovative provider of holistic financing solutions for all types of sustainable energy assets (SEA) such as demand response, storage, distributed renewables and energy efficiency measures and is devoted to enabling the SEA market around Europe.
The company was founded in the US in 2010, and set up office in Brussels in 2014 to bring its expertise to the European market. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Joule Assets Inc., based out of the USA. Joule is particularly active in business development in the Italian and the UK SEA market, but also intensely involved in collecting data on other European target markets.

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Research Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is exclusively responsible for the contractual research within Aristotle University. Over the last three years, the RC has collaborated with 1,700 partners (Universities, Research Centers and Companies) for the implementation of 3,500 RTD Projects. The overall budget of these projects reached €150 million. The annual turnover of the Research Committee of AUTH is around €50 Million.

With its expertise in system design and end-customer interfaces, AUTH will serve the project as software developer and will lead all software design and development WPs (4 and 5). AUTH will be heavily involved in software integration processes, algorithm development and data management.

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HSB Engineering Insurance Limited

HSB Engineering Insurance Limited, as a part of Munich Re, is a leading specialist provider of engineering, construction and renewable energy insurance.

HSB has 149 years of experience in underwriting engineering risks; risk information capture and loss control engineering have been an integral part of the company’s offering throughout that time. With regard to energy efficiency, HSB developed a patented asset performance model for energy efficiency projects in 2012, and a detailed data capture form specifically for energy efficiency projects in partnership with Clouds Environmental Consultants in 2013.

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The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester (UM) is one of the top global research universities- 38th globally and 5th in the UK. Two UM academics were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010, which takes to four Nobel Laureates currently working at the University. Within the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the UM, the Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group comprises 14 full time academics, 34 post-doctoral researchers and more than 80 PhD students.

Its current research portfolio is £11.5 million with support from UK EPSRC, the European Commission, the UK Government, and leading national and international industrial companies.

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Servizi Energia Ambiente

Servizi Energia Ambiente (SEA) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) and engineering firm founded in 2005 in the city of L’Aquila, Italy. The company is certified according to UNI-CEI 11352 and UNI EN ISO 011:2008 regulations. SEA’s staff is made up of experts in the fields of energy, information technology, company organisation, environmental engineering and corporate training. Among other activities SEA normally performs energy audits and energy management in both residential and tertiary buildings.

Within the SEAF project, SEA will contribute through implementation of the use cases. Thanks to its position as a contractor, the company will verify in practice the effectiveness of SEAF.

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Verco Advisory Services

As an award winning energy and sustainability advisory company with a 26 year track record in energy efficiency and clean energy development, Verco Advisory Services will offer key support in building the software platform as a subcontractor of Joule Assets.

The services they provide to their public sector and corporate clients include high-level policy and strategy work, deep technical analysis and project development. They have worked extensively in the areas of energy efficiency project identification, development, monitoring and financing and are currently part of a consortium delivering the Investor Confidence Project to the EU.

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