eQuad platform successfully matches first projects to investors

  • caroline
  • March 12, 2018

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€5 million in SME-sized energy efficiency projects have been matched to finance

12 March 2018, MODENA – Since its commercial launch in November 2017, the eQuad platform has matched €5 million worth of viable energy efficiency projects, developed by SME ESCOs, to finance via its investor network currently representing over €1 billion in ready capital.

A first-in-kind offer developed through the two-year H2020 funded project, SEAF – the Sustainable Energy Asset Framework, eQuad aims to boost project uptake for ESCO SMEs and increase investor confidence through the powerful combination of third-party financial analytics provided by Joule Assets Europe, with ICP (Investor Confidence Project) project accreditation, and energy efficiency insurance from HSB Engineering Insurance, a global leader in energy efficiency insurance. Once projects have been run through the Platform, they are then matched to an appropriate finance solution from the SEAF investor network.

Jessica Stromback, Chair, Joule Assets Europe, says, “We are excited to announce that only two months into commercialization, eQuad is becoming the European market place for energy efficiency. €5 million worth of small energy efficiency projects in Italy and the UK have already received offers from financiers. Both the ESCO and investor parties arrived to their first meeting as if halfway through the negotiation period, which dramatically cut costs of engagement. The entire process from introduction to offer of finance is on average three weeks.”

Pierre-Antoine Machelon, Managing Director, Eiffel Investment Group, says, “Engaging with small, medium sized players, you need intermediaries. In just a short period, eQuad has been instrumental in helping us access concrete projects that meet our criteria and generate attractive returns. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Antonio Ciccarelli, CEO, Servizi Energia Ambiente Srl, says, “eQuad has enabled us not only to access investment for our projects, but also helped us choose between investors, helping us to find the best fit for our company. Having the ready capital is a game changer for the growth of our small business. It helps us sell more effectively, with clearer sales messages to our customers.”


To use eQuad as an ESCO or investor user, please visit https://app.equadcapital.com/getting-started


or contact:
Caroline Milne
Communications Director
Joule Assets Europe
+32 4 87 54 39 07


Read the full press release here.