eQuad platform ready for investor use ahead of 2018 commercial launch

  • caroline
  • December 19, 2017

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The eQuad platform, developed under the SEAF H2020 project, is now available for investor use. The eQuad team is looking to match 122 million pipeline in small energy efficiency projects to finance.

BRUSSELS, 5 December 2017 – The Sustainable Energy Asset Framework (SEAF) consortium unveiled its investment platform, eQuad, as ready for commercial use by both Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and investors. eQuad is a holistic online platform that automates the pre-finance phase of energy efficiency and distributed renewables projects and connects them directly with investment from within the growing eQuad Investor Community, currently representing several billion euros of available project finance.

The commercial launch of eQuad took place at the fourth and final conference organized by the SEAF consortium, the SEAF Investor Forum, in Brussels the 29th November. The conference brought together key experts in energy efficiency finance, including representatives from the European Commission’s DG Energy and EASME, and financiers including Eiffel Investment Group, Demeter Partners, SUSI Partners, Green Investment Group, Adaxia Partners, SUMA Capital and SI Capital. Both speakers and participants lauded eQuad as an innovative solution to unlock access to finance and facilitate deal flow in the €8 billion energy efficiency market.

“We at Joule Assets are excited to announce that project-investment matchmaking is now in progress and the first projects are in negotiation. I am very pleased by the positive reactions of investors and the unprecedented speed at which we have arrived at the negotiation stage. This is a very good sign and I expect the deal closure cycle to continue to shorten as we work to develop standardized contracts with investors. We are keen to see our first projects invested before the end of the SEAF project,” said Jessica Stromback, Senior VP and Chairman at Joule Assets Europe.

Read the full press release here.

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