Beta version of eQuad launches in Milan at SEAF Investor Forum

  • caroline
  • March 9, 2017

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eQuad automates the pre-finance phase of energy efficiency projects and connects them directly to finance, catalyzing the growth of Europe’s energy efficiency market

MILAN, Italy, 9 Mar 2017—The Sustainable Energy Asset Framework (SEAF), a 2-year project funded by the EU under the H2020 Framework, launched the early release of eQuad, a first-in-kind online platform that automates the pre-finance phase of energy efficiency projects and connects them directly with investment from within the eQuad Investor Network, currently representing €1.2 billion of available project finance.

The beta launch of eQuad took place March 8 at the SEAF Investor Forum in Milan, a conference that brought together more than 100 experts from the Italian ESCO and EU finance sectors to discuss solutions for scaling SME energy efficiency projects. Participants applauded eQuad as an innovative solution and a step towards establishing ESCO-investor trust. eQuad has already started to unlock access to finance and facilitate deal flow in the €8 billion energy efficiency market.

Jessica Stromback, Chairman of Joule Assets Europe and SEAF project coordinator, “The eQuad beta release represents a significant milestone towards scaling energy efficiency investment.  Today, through eQuad, any project owner in Europe can now reach a full range of financial resources. With our core group of active investors and contractors, we already have €20 million of small projects in the pipeline. We are excited to bring them to market and ensure these valuable, environmental and job creating projects are realised – using this experience to scale the eQuad activities further for the benefit of all of us.”

eQuad bridges the finance gap for SME energy efficiency projects

Having commenced development in February 2016, eQuad is a holistic online platform that bridges the finance gap through the combination of three pre-existing elements: third party project valuation by Joule Assets Europe, quality assurance certification by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP), and an Energy Efficiency Insurance statement-of-fact from HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd. Once the pre-finance process is complete, projects are matched to finance from a trusted source within the eQuad Investor Network. The eQuad team also provides assistance with due diligence and additional support to contractors as needed throughout the process. The next release of eQuad will include a portal for investor use.


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