SEAF technology platform beta launch at 3/8 Milan event

  • caroline
  • January 18, 2017

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Financial firm Joule Assets Europe sees a promising future in Italy as it sets to launch investment tool, representing €1.2 billion worth of potential investment, in Italian energy efficiency market.

The Sustainable Energy Asset Framework will launch the beta version of SEAF IT Platform on March 8th. The launch will be formally announced at the SEAF Investor Forum, an event for ESCOs and investors that will take place in Milan, Italy.

About the platform

A first-in-kind offering, the SEAF IT Platform aims to boost energy efficiency project uptake across Europe by providing access to investment by streamlining the due diligence process andintroducing appropriate investors to proposed efficiency projects.

Jessica Stromback, Chairman of Joule Assets Europe said, The SEAF team have made a decision to focus on the Italian market due to the high level of professionalism within the SME ESCO community and the excellent project opportunities. We are excited to use international experience to empower our local partners.’

The platform combines third-party financial analytics provided by Joule Assets Europe, ICP (Investor Confidence Project) accreditation, and energy efficiency project performance insurance from global leader HSB Engineering Insurance. Once valued through the SEAF Platform, projects are matched directly to an appropriate finance solution from the SEAF investor network.

Positive indications

The first projects to be valued through SEAF in its earliest stages of development successfully resulted in quick investment. With an investor network representing €1.2 billion in ready capital, the platform holds massive potential for facilitating the completion of efficiency projects pan-Europe.

Panama Bartholomy, Director of ICP Europe, says, “The SEAF IT Platform is an indispensable tool for contractors who are looking to transform their energy efficiency project into a bankable investment for a financier. ICP Europe is excited to be partnered with SEAF, as SEAF will enable even more projects to gain access to ICP Certification, the only standard recognized by investors for the project underwriting process.

SEAF Investor Forum Milan

Beyond the beta launch, the event will facilitate introductions between local ESCOs and interested financial investors. The event agenda features includes interactive discussions with experts and presentations about energy efficiency finance—including presentations by SUMA Capital, SI Capital, EEEF, SUSI Partners, Adaxia Capital Partners, and HSB Engineering Insurance. See the full agenda here.

The SEAF Investor Forum Milan is a free event, sponsored by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. Click here to register.





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